Friday, May 6, 2011

13...PLEASE induce me!

Tomorrow will be 13 months waiting. Okay, we've had about enough!!! PLEASE, can someone induce me??? This has been the longest "pregnancy" ever! I am at the point now where I hate Friday afternoons and can't wait for Monday to come around. The weekends lately have been sooo long and hard :-( 13 has always been my favorite number so I sure hope this will be "the month" for us. Hoping for news for all of us waiting (at all different stages) in this adoption process. Like so many people have posted, ADOPTION IS NOT FOR WIMPS!


  1. Oh I hope it's soon! I sure hope you don't have to post another month waiting for a referral. Crossing my fingers and my toes!

  2. I know just what you mean! I was telling someone recently that Fridays are the hardest because I realize that week was the THE week!

    I think this will be the month for y'all!!! :)