Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Call!

At 5:07 last Friday the 13th, we were dealing with this....a leak in our upstairs ceiling! I was in a 'yuck' mood to begin with, realizing Friday was winding down and we were not going to get the call AND dealing with this mess. I was downstairs turning on the air conditioner for Neil (trying to figure out if that was the leak issue) when my phone rang...817!!!!! I was frantically screaming, "817, 817, 817!!! It's THE CALL!!!!" I had my son Teagan run out to get our oldest daughter Jaeden from the pool and Kierin was with me. Jaeden couldn't come fast enough so I ran outside screaming, "It's THE CALL! Hurry!!!!" We all gathered around the computer and when we saw his little face and those GORGEOUS eyes, we knew it was a match made in heaven <3. It was the same feeling I had when I saw our referral of Kierin for the first time...he was exactly how I have pictured him in my mind all this time. Truly amazing!!!

Natalie went through his referral information with us and asked that we go through it ourselves (as well as the other docs) then let her know if we wanted to accept the referral. After seeing this sweet baby we didn't have to think about it...we knew he was meant for our family so we accepted right then!

I still haven't processed it has been such a whirlwind week! I do know that we feel so completely blessed and can't wait to bring this little guy home. :-)

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  1. Hey girl! So very excited to be on this side of the wait. Seeing that sweet face was amazing! Now we wait.....court date. It would be so fun to travel together; would love it. Our little guy is in Care Center #1. Hope they're hanging out. :)