Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plan B...

So we finally secured tickets yesterday and will be leaving for Ethiopia in 2 days. Without our kids......We are so very sad about this. They were looking forward to this trip for so many reasons. Flights were booked. We tried everything. We waited until the very last minute and booked tickets for 2. I cried. We couldn't get all 5 of us on a plane, so Neil and I will go alone this trip. We have been scrambling with these last minute change of plans, but thank you to my mom and dad, Dorothy, Alicia, and Renee for stepping up and taking our kids while we are away. You are all AMAZING and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!!! Josh, thank you for staying at our house while we are gone and taking care of our dogs. And thank you to all my other wonderful friends that have offered help. Love you! Kids, we WILL get you to Ethiopia to see the birthplace of your brother. Hopefully in Nov/Dec? Whenever it is time to travel for Embassy and pick up Reisen, we are going to get you on that plane!


  1. I can totally relate. We had to do Plan B with our kids, as well. Prices ware completely outrageous right now, especially with such short notice. Praying for peace and joy for you as you travel. So exciting!

  2. Oh I'm so sad to see this! You posted this while I was in Ethiopia and I think your court date is today! Praying for y'all!!! :)