Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things are getting easier...

So we have been home for a little over 8 weeks and things are getting easier....

Bathroom~I don't have to hold Reisen anymore when I go...yay! He will actually sit on the floor for me :)

Shower~I can FINALLY sit him in the exersaucer for a quick shower!

High chair~He will sit in the high chair and let me move a few feet away. I can throw a load of laundry in, or put a few dishes away (as long as he can still hear my voice).

Naps~He will sleep 2-3 hours, uninterrupted...I don't have to go in an put him back down 1/2 way through (at least most of the time).

Walking~He is feeling so much more independent. I don't have to hold him 24/7. I can walk and he can follow..although he doesn't want me too far away!

Signing~He has learned a few, bottle, water, all done, and can say, "up" and "all done" so communication is much easier! He waves and blows kisses, too <3

Sleeping~Although he is not sleeping through the night, things are much better. He can make it through until 1-2am and then most of the time I can pat his back, or give him a bit of water and he goes right back to sleep. So much better than the numerous bottles, and hours of pacing I was having to do each night! I like how my friend Kelley put it, that it seems like he is fast tracking through infanthood. Hopefully he will continue to fast track, QUICKLY, all the way to sleeping through the night. I am looking forward to a full night sleep!!!!

We are a really busy family of 6, but I wouldn't change a thing (ok, maybe the sleep thing...but that's it). I'm loving our new normal! <3


  1. Love the update! And I'm SO SO glad things are getting easier! :) Miss y'all!

  2. so glad things are getting better! He's so precious :) Merry Christmas!